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Regional Cooperation in the Energy Business

The success of Vaasa energy cluster is the result of long and close cooperation, against the background of the flagship enterprises in the energy business, Vaasa town corporation, and several other organisations. The brand ”Energy Vaasa” was coined in this cooperation, and it has – with the financial assistance of Vaasan Sähkö Oy – produced e.g. the wind power demos in Vaasa Airport Park and the University of Vaasa. Starting from 1 Jan 2009, the brand has been coordinated by Merinova Technology Centre.


Merinova Technology Centre helps develop the energy enterprises in the region and facilitates innovation activities and the establishment of new enterprises by means of programmes and projects. The national programme for centres of excellence, OSKE is Merinova's most important development tool. Merinova is the coordinator of the energy technology cluster programme and it is also a member of the marine cluster programme.


VASEK, Vaasa Region Development Company, provides business advice and field-specific services, coordinates and implements development projects, and markets the Vaasa region. VASEK is a regional development and business corporation, jointly owned by the towns and municipalities in the Vaasa region, working in close cooperation with the municipalities, trade and industry, and schools.


Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce protects the business community’s interests and promotes constant development of the circumstances and conditions of trade and industry. Availability of skilled workforce, attraction of the Vaasa region as well as traffic service rank high in its priorities. The Chamber's over 1,000 member enterprises employ approx. 70% of the workforce in the region.


The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia is a provincial government body and regional development authority. Its main tasks focus on regional development and province planning which, in turn, form the basis for protecting regional interests. The Council also protects the interests of its 17 municipal members, and it is responsible for the cultural issues concerning its Finnish-speaking population and also for a wide range of international issues.





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