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Education and experience power competence

The Vaasa Consortium of Higher Education consists of five university units and two universities of applied sciences, offering education in technology, business, languages, media and communications, and the welfare sector.


Education is given in Finnish, Swedish and English. The units have some 12,000 students in total, of which some 10% are foreign students. In Vaasa there are three vocational education centres with a total of more than 8,700 students.


These educational establishments and their research units have a unique collaboration that crosses language, research field and organizational barriers. Their interaction with the business world is also open, active and purposeful.


Training jobs are offered, and through these students in Vaasa have excellent opportunities to familiarize themselves thoroughly with, and get hands-on experience in, the energy business while still studying. Work practice abroad is also gaining in popularity.


The technology campus consists of the technological units at the University of Vaasa, VAMK, the University of Applied Sciences, and Novia University of Applied Sciences. 2,700 technology students study on campus, meaning that every fourth student is either a technology or an engineering student. Nearly 400 engineers and Masters of Science are graduated annually.


The Technobothnia Research Centre is the common research and education laboratory for these institutions. It is where students get to apply the methods they have learned in theory in a controlled environment equivalent to an industrial setting.


The activities of Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) are also based on the co-operation between these educational establishments. The institute has the important task of conveying research-based information to graduating professionals in the energy sector.

Intelligent capital

  • EnergyVaasa employs more than 10,000 persons


  • Schools, polytechnics, and universities educate new experts for EnergyVaasa companies


  • Valuable for new companies aiming at establishing or already established companies aiming at growth

  • Vaasa has the best employment figures in all of mainland Finland
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