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  • AB Veljekset Hemming Oy
    Smart and weatherproof electrical networks
  • ABB Oy
    Products and services for power distribution and distribution automation, electric motors, generators and transformers
  • AD-Electronics Oy
    Subcontracting: Manufacture of control centers and switchgear, production of guard relays
  • Altenia Oy
    Project management, construction services and supervision, cost planning/real estate economy
  • Ampner Oy

    We offer design and consultant services especially for power converter systems in renewable energy sector: integration of power converter as a part of power generating unit, grid codes and compatibility, power quality, analysis of electrical performance, converter optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Arcteq Oy
    Protection relays and arc protection systems for power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • Avecon Oy
    Industrial power and automation
  • Bodycote Lämpökäsittely Oy
    Subcontracting: Improving the strength and wear properties of metals and steels by means of heat treatment
  • BTB Plaza
    The Transformer Marketplace for distribution-, power- and special application transformers. BTB offers distribution transformers (both oil and dry-type), up to 3150 kVA / 72,5 kV, power transformers up to 300 MVA / 525 kV and different special applications.
  • Citec Oy Ab
    Technical solutions and project services
  • CLS-Engineering Oy
    Automation, data collection concepts, programming and electrification
  • CNC-Tekniikka Oy
    Subcontracting: Design and manufacture of sheet metal tools for e.g. electrotechnical industry
  • Crimppi Oy
    Manufacture of wire harnesses
  • Edupower Oy Ab
    Development and services to industry and higher education
  • EFC Finland Oy
    Wire harnesses and electrical installation equipment
  • eGen Oy
    Development, sales and marketing of Stirling engines which use renewable energy to produce electricity.
  • Elekrometalli
    Contract manufacturer in sheet metal mechanics
  • Elektromaster Oy
    Subcontracting: manufacture of control centers and switchgears
  • Enmac Oy
    Technical design and product development services
  • EPV Energia
    Power generation
  • EPV Bioturve Oy
    Peat harvesting for energy industry
  • EPV Tuulivoima
    Wind power generation
  • Etelä-Pohjanmaan Alueverkko Oy
    Regional grid company subordinate to the parent company EPV Energia Oy (EPV).
  • Rapid Power Oy
    Hydroelectric power generation
  • Suomen Merituuli Oy
    Wind power generation
  • Escarmat Oy
    Manufacture of power distribution and monitoring devices
  • Etha Ab
    Provides management consulting and network development to companies within the energy and enevironmental sector

  • Fintos Oy
    Sole supplier of industrial liquid cooling applications
  • Green Fortune Oy
    Consultancy in wind energy business
  • Incap Oy
    Manufacture of electromechanical devices and submodules
  • JMC Engine Oy
    Subcontracting: Manufacture of metal parts and related assembly
  • K&K Laki
    Legal services for companies in the energy sector, especially the ones in wind power business.
  • KGN Tool Oy Ab
    Specialized in manufacturing tools
  • Koskienergia Oy
    Hydroelectric power generation
  • Kyrönmaan CNC Koneistus Oy
    Cooling elements, subcontracting machining
  • Laine-Tuotanto Oy
    Subcontracting and contract manufacturing, metal industry
  • Leinolat Group
    A group of 6 companies that provide a vide range of service concepts within the metal industry
  • Adiabatix Oy
    Subcontracting: Insulation modules
  • Kilkanen Oy
    Demanding and versatile CNC -controlled machining for medium-heavy industry
  • Leimec Oy
    Leimec delivers ventilation systems and produces high quality sheet metal products
  • LVI - Leinolat

    We have accumulated several decades of experience in air conditioning solutions for both residential and industrial buildings. We cooperate with the leading building companies and can offer solutions to both exacting industry air conditioning as well as air conditioning piecework in apartments.

  • Uwira Oy
    Subcontracting: Welded products and components
  • Mapromec Oy Ab
    Subcontracting: Parts for diesel engines and electric motors
  • Mateve Oy
    Sale of low-energy networks and energy pipes
  • Mervento Oy
    Development and delivery of modern innovative direct-drive multi-megawatt wind power applications, both land-based and seabased
  • Oy Buorre Creation Ab
    Industrial design and product development, package design, technical documentation (installation and user instructions), graphic design and marketing
  • Oy KWH Pipe Ab
    Subcontracting: plastic pipe systems (incl. insulated pipe systems) and related technology, machinery, and equipment
  • Oy Merinova Ab
    Technology centre which helps develop the energy enterprises in the region and facilitates innovation activities and the stablishment of new enterprises by means of various programmes and projects
  • Oy Rikta Ab
    Wire harnesses and cables, spiral cables, assembly work
  • Pintaa Coatings Oy
    Subcontracting: Surface treatment and coatings
  • Plastweld Oy
    Subcontracting: Manufacture of plastic products with rotational casting
  • Polttoväri Oy
    Subcontracting: Metal surface treatments, powder and wet coating as well as Delta MKS coating and assembly
  • Preseco Oy
    Comprehensive environmental technology application, from design to implementation: water purification, waste processing, and production of bioenergy
  • Primo Finland Oy
    Subcontracting: Manufacture of plastic products
  • Ravera Oy
    Construction of power distribution and other networks
  • Ricomix Oy
    Subcontracting, with the main products in valve components for diesel engines and rotors for electric motors
  • Roaming Oy
  • Schneider Electric Finland Oy
    Products and solutions for Electrical distribution and automation, switchgears, transformers, breakers
    Energy efficiency solutions
  • SEAM-Group Oy
    Production of energy saving services, as linked with the management of investment funds, purchase and management of emission allowances
  • Selecon Oy
    Design of power and automation systems
  • Skaala Oy
    Skaala har varit en av pionjärerna när det gäller utveckling av energieffektiva fönster, bl.a. levererade Skaala fönster till Skandinaviens första lågenergi flerbostadshus. Senaste innovationen är Skaala FrostFree - ett kondensfritt energifönster ner till 0.7 W/m²K, presenterades hösten 2010 i samband med Finnbuild mässan i Helsingfors
  • SMTEC Oy
    Procurement services, system deliveries, development projects
  • SOP-Metal Oy
    Subcontracting/Contract manufacture for power and energy industries
  • Tarkmet Oy
    Subcontracting: Metal industry
  • TC Connect Oy
    Solutions for remote reading (Smart Metering) and control of energyconsumption. Voice and data Communication solutions for authorities and e.g. energy companies.
  • The Switch
    Power systems for renewable energy production. Power converters. Permanent magnet generators
  • There Corporation Oy
    Provides a platform for Home Energy Management solutions to enable sustainable future proof solutions and services like real time energy consumption monitoring and optimization
  • TJK Tietolaite Oy
    Subcontracting: supplier of embedded systems research and development services
  • TK Engineering Oy
    Automation design and fieldbus applications
  • Ultracut Oy
    Subcontracting: High-pressure water jet cutting and semi-finished products
  • Vaasan Ekolämpö Oy
    Uusiutuvan lämmön erillistuotanto
  • Vaasan Sähkö Oy
    Power and district heat
  • Vaasan Sähköpalvelu Oy
    Sale and installation of electric, telecommunications, and safety products
  • Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy
    Power transmission and distribution
  • Vacon Oyj
    Frequency converters
  • Vamp Oy
    Protection relays, arc flash protection systems, secondary substation monitoring equipment
  • Vaskiluodon Voima Oy
    Power and district heat generation
  • VEO Oy
    Automation, drive and power distribution systems
  • Veslatec Oy
    Subcontracting: Laser cutting
  • VM Group Oy
    Core competence: sheet steel processing, light steel structures, deliveries of ready-to-use assemblies, and active cooperation with customers
  • VNT Management Oy
    Capital investments in Clean Tech companies
  • Wapice Oy
    Subcontracting: IT applications and software
  • Wärtsilä Finland Oy
    Machinery, applications, and services in shipping and energy industries
  • Welas Oy
    Subcontracting: fine mechanical laser machining, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding and laser marking
  • Westenergy Oy Ab
    Refuse incineration and energy generation
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