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Products for energy industry
  • ABB Oy
    Products and services for power distribution and distribution automation, electric motors, generators and transformers
  • Ampner Oy

    We offer design and consultant services especially for power converter systems in renewable energy sector: integration of power converter as a part of power generating unit, grid codes and compatibility, power quality, analysis of electrical performance, converter optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Arcteq Oy
    Protection relays and arc protection systems for power generation, transmission and distribution.
  • BTB Plaza
    The Transformer Marketplace for distribution-, power- and special application transformers. BTB offers distribution transformers (both oil and dry-type), up to 3150 kVA / 72,5 kV, power transformers up to 300 MVA / 525 kV and different special applications.
  • Crimppi Oy
    Manufacture of wire harnesses
  • EFC Finland Oy
    Wire harnesses and electrical installation equipment
  • eGen Oy
    Development, sales and marketing of Stirling engines which use renewable energy to produce electricity.
  • Escarmat Oy
    Manufacture of power distribution and monitoring devices
  • KGN Tool Oy Ab
    Specialized in manufacturing tools
  • Mateve Oy
    Sale of low-energy networks and energy pipes
  • Mervento Oy
    Development and delivery of modern innovative direct-drive multi-megawatt wind power applications, both land-based and seabased
  • Oy Rikta Ab
    Wire harnesses and cables, spiral cables, assembly work
  • Roaming Oy
  • Schneider Electric Finland Oy
    Products and solutions for Electrical distribution and automation, switchgears, transformers, breakers
    Energy efficiency solutions
  • Skaala Oy
    Skaala har varit en av pionjärerna när det gäller utveckling av energieffektiva fönster, bl.a. levererade Skaala fönster till Skandinaviens första lågenergi flerbostadshus. Senaste innovationen är Skaala FrostFree - ett kondensfritt energifönster ner till 0.7 W/m²K, presenterades hösten 2010 i samband med Finnbuild mässan i Helsingfors
  • TC Connect Oy
    Solutions for remote reading (Smart Metering) and control of energyconsumption. Voice and data Communication solutions for authorities and e.g. energy companies.
  • The Switch
    Power systems for renewable energy production. Power converters. Permanent magnet generators
  • TK Engineering Oy
    Automation design and fieldbus applications
  • Vaasan Sähköpalvelu Oy
    Sale and installation of electric, telecommunications, and safety products
  • Vacon Oyj
    Frequency converters
  • Vamp Oy
    Protection relays, arc flash protection systems, secondary substation monitoring equipment
  • VEO Oy
    Automation, drive and power distribution systems
  • Wärtsilä Finland Oy
    Machinery, applications, and services in shipping and energy industries
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