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Planning / Consulting
  • AB Veljekset Hemming Oy
    Smart and weatherproof electrical networks
  • Altenia Oy
    Project management, construction services and supervision, cost planning/real estate economy
  • Ampner Oy

    We offer design and consultant services especially for power converter systems in renewable energy sector: integration of power converter as a part of power generating unit, grid codes and compatibility, power quality, analysis of electrical performance, converter optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Citec Oy Ab
    Technical solutions and project services
  • CLS-Engineering Oy
    Automation, data collection concepts, programming and electrification
  • Edupower Oy Ab
    Development and services to industry and higher education
  • Enmac Oy
    Technical design and product development services
  • Escarmat Oy
    Manufacture of power distribution and monitoring devices
  • Etha Ab
    Provides management consulting and network development to companies within the energy and enevironmental sector

  • K&K Laki
    Legal services for companies in the energy sector, especially the ones in wind power business.
  • Oy Buorre Creation Ab
    Industrial design and product development, package design, technical documentation (installation and user instructions), graphic design and marketing
  • Oy Merinova Ab
    Technology centre which helps develop the energy enterprises in the region and facilitates innovation activities and the stablishment of new enterprises by means of various programmes and projects
  • Preseco Oy
    Comprehensive environmental technology application, from design to implementation: water purification, waste processing, and production of bioenergy
  • SEAM-Group Oy
    Production of energy saving services, as linked with the management of investment funds, purchase and management of emission allowances
  • Selecon Oy
    Design of power and automation systems
  • SMTEC Oy
    Procurement services, system deliveries, development projects
  • VEO Oy
    Automation, drive and power distribution systems
  • VNT Management Oy
    Capital investments in Clean Tech companies
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