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With full power towards China


For many Finnish energy technology businesses, the sun now rises in the East. China is rapidly becoming the most important importer of products from the entire Finnish cleantech industry. In its energy politics, China emphasizes the versatile utilization of energy sources and ‘pure’ energy, which supports large investments – above all in the development of wind power generation. Already in 2007, 3,000 MW of wind power generation was installed in China. In 2009, this had increased to 13,750 MW. The aim is to achieve as much as 80,000 MW by the end of 2014.


In Finland, wind power accounted for some 150 MW in 2009. The aim is to build another 2,500 MW of wind power capacity over the next ten years. The largest cash flow for Finnish cleantech businesses is generated by solutions for improved energy efficiency and quality. The Switch’s power electronics are a typical example. These applications promote the implementation of new energy sources, such as wind power and solar energy, maximizing their productivity.


– The task of the Full Power Converter (FPC) is to convert the electricity produced at the power plant, so that it fulfils the requirements of the network companies. In this product segment, we are number one on the Chinese market, and the unchallenged market leader, explains Reijo Takala.


– Similarly, our Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) improve the efficiency of the electricity production. Even in light winds, more electricity can now be generated!


– A thorough knowledge of the sector, carefully allocated product solutions, and strong international partners lie behind The Switch’s success. Our aim is to be the global renewable energy markets’ leading technology company for converting electrical energy. We are on a wonderful journey, and it has only just begun…


Reijo Takala, Director/wind power

The Switch Group


  • Most important products: Full power converters and permanent magnet generators
  • Year of establishment: 2006
  • Turnover 2010: approx. 130 MEUR
  • Turnover export rate: more than 95%
  • Number of employees: 260
  • Production and product development: Finland, China and the USA
  • Sales companies: Finland, China, the USA, Korea, Germany, Spain and India


In 2011 The Switch Group was awarded the President of the Republic of Finland’s internationalization prize.

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