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Direct drive for the wind power market


In 2010, Mervento Ltd was the largest Finnish start-up business ever to be financed with share capital. The company has introduced its own wind power solution to the market. The aim is to become the world’s leading one-stop supplier of multi-megawatt wind power plants based on direct drive technology, both onshore and offshore.


Mervento’s wind power plants have strategic dimensions as follows: 3,6 MW capacity, rotor diameter 118 m, tower height 125 m, rated wind speed 11.5 m/s, and a theoretical power factor of 50%. – Using numerous technical innovations, we have simplified the traditional wind turbine in order to ensure operational reliability, improved efficiency, prolonged lifetime, and reduced lifecycle costs. In our wind power plants, we adapt so-called direct drive technology, whereby the parts of the turbine have been integrated into a single, compact structure. In this way, no separate gearbox, which is otherwise prone to damage, is needed, Patrik Holm explains.


– Due to the high level of integration, the total weight of the installation is reduced, and the manufacturing and assembly time is shortened. The modules are ready manufactured and tested at the factory, which makes it quicker to set up and connect the power plant to the network on-site. – Our first self-owned assembly factory will be located in Vaasa, where we also have our administration and technical design offices. We will commence the serial production of wind turbines during 2012. A power plant consists of some 2,500 different components, and more than 10,000 in total. In Finland we have more than 200 component suppliers, and the final product will utilize nearly 70% domestic products. In this way, Mervento is breathing fresh air into the Finnish labour market, Holm promises.


Patrik Holm, technology director

Mervento Ltd


  • Most important products: Wind power plants operating on direct drive permanent magnet generators
  • Year of establishment: 2008
  • Estimated turnover in 2015: approx. 350 MEUR
  • Number of employees: 40 in 2010 (estimated number of employees in 2015, approx. 250)
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