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Mapromec is the world’s leading manufacturer of large piston pins. – Quality, price and delivery time! These are the hard essentials for a subcontractor to be successful. Our investment in automation has enabled us to work in close co-operation with our main client.


– But this is not all. One must also understand the client’s business operations, and if needed help develop the products, production or order systems, and the documentation together, Caj-Erik Karp explains. – Our customers naturally assume that our quality and environmental certification is all in order, which it is, says Karp.


– Our core competence is accuracy. When it comes to our largest product segment, piston pins, accuracy is measured in micrometres. Split a hair into ten strands and you will know what I’m talking about. Yet, the largest piston pins can weigh up to 250 kilos! I dare say that


Mapromec is the world’s market leader in large piston pins. Pins machined by us are found in every other large diesel or gas engine, for instance they are in the engines running the world’s largest cruise ships.


Caj-Erik Karp, CEO


Mapromec Oy


  • Products: Piston pins, shafts, bearing parts, lifting rolls and valve mechanisms etc. for large diesel engines
  • Year of establishment: 1994
  • Turnover in 2010: 22 MEUR
  • Direct export rate of the turnover: 30%
  • Number of employees: 76
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