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Innovation – a way of life

For the businesses and corporations within EnergyVaasa, innovation is indeed a way of life. The direction is staked out and the methods are diverse. Here we strive to meet the challenges presented by the energy markets using a dual approach. Apart from new forms of energy production, the region’s research and development facilities also focus on increasing the efficiency of the entire energy chain – from production to distribution and consumption.


Unprejudiced new thinking is encouraged and resources are reserved for innovative work, since only by staying one step ahead of everyone else can we achieve worldwide success. Among the top three Finnish businesses investing in R&D, two operate within EnergyVaasa. Wärtsilä invests over 140 million Euros in R&D annually, which is surpassed in Finland only by Nokia. In third place is ABB, with an annual R&D investment of approx. 130 million Euros.


Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) brings together experts in the energy sector from the University of Vaasa, VAMK, the University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences. Commercial and technological know-how are flexibly combined in the activities.


VEI offers research and development services, education and consultation above all in connection with promoting the use of renewable energy sources nationally and internationally. The institute produces the latest research data for industrial benefit, but the close co-operation with the public sector also plays a significant part in the activities.


The activities of VEI are concentrated to a few central research and development bases, which serve as the common operating environment for the energy industry and the different parties of VEI. Research areas of particular importance are biofuels, combustion engines, wind power, smart grids, geothermal energy and energy efficiency.

Competitiveness through innovation

  • EnergyVaasa businesses maintain or gain their competitiveness through constant innovation

  • More than 800 persons are involved in research and development in Vaasa region
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