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The markets served by
the EnergyVaasa enterprises are truly global

In the Vaasa region we are truly international, and after Helsinki, the City of Vaasa is Finland’s most cosmopolitan city. More than 100 different nationalities comprise the inhabitants of our city. Internationality is promoted by the businesses already operating here, and in turn makes it easier for new domestic, export-based, and foreign businesses to establish themselves in the region.


In the Vaasa region, this global attitude can be seen and heard everywhere. 70% of the city’s inhabitants speak Finnish, and some 25% Swedish, as their mother tongue. 5% of the Vaasa residents speak other languages as their mother tongue. English is widely spoken everywhere.


The markets served by the EnergyVaasa enterprises are truly global, and the competence centres – as well as a significant part of the production resources – are located along the west coast of Ostrobothnia, in Vaasa and its vicinity.


The Vaasa region is a good base for businesses that are active on the international markets. Here people have always had a longterm, broad perspective. The trading traditions of the old seafaring town are firmly rooted, and the city has long been a pioneer for the internationalization of Ostrobothnia. This requires the commitment to create and maintain international networks, versatile business contacts, a strong command of information technology, as well as a broad spectrum of culture, education and multilingualism. The common objective of the Vaasa region is to increase work-related migration.


Apart from the region’s export-based business life, our educational establishments, which have many foreign students, have also served to promote the international atmosphere. Among the many fine examples of practical global citizenship education, Vaasa offers an English playschool, language immersion education at day care centres and as part of the basic education, the IB programme which prepares students for the international matriculation exam, and university educational programmes in foreign languages.

Real internationality
An international environment is a must for companies that seek to capture a part of the growing international energy market.

  • 70% of the products and services for energy market is exported

  • Vaasa is the second most international city in Finland after Helsinki

  • Possibilities to get education in English all the way from day-care to an academic degree
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